I'm an indie video game developer living in Belgium.
At the moment i work on my first console & desktop title:
"Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom".

About Redbaboon Games

Redbaboon Games is a one man gamedev team. I work on my first 2D platformer game for PS4 - XBOX ONE - PC - MAC. "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom" is a 2D platformer game with puzzles to solve, Boss fights & more, during his adventure Mr Pilipili can use various weapons to exterminate the bad minions.This game "Mr Pilipili" contains lots of backgrounds hand painted in Photoshop.

At this time 95% of the game engine for "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom" is developed, the graphics take tons of time to achive, because every element is separated & created in 2D "retro cartoon style".

Sprites are going to be animated in a classic way "frame by frame". Backgrounds are created with an "rgb split" effect, inspired from olds cartoons & inspired by comics like "Mordillo", "Merrie Melodies", "Looney Tunes" and so many great classics from my childhood. I really hope to make a great game with an incredible adventure for the players.

This project has "NO BUDGET", it means that i dont have any investors, publishers, contract, it gives me the freedom i need for achieving my first BIG title.

I work extremely hard on this game, and also maintaining the website & the relation with social medias, Twitter, Facebook, etc...

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Press Kit of "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom".


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